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De Motu

De Motu details a solitary pursuit towards Mermaid’s Pool, situated in a moorland plateau of the Peak District, more than two-thousand feet above sea level. According to folklore, the pool is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by an underground tunnel, as well as being the dwelling place of an immortal water nymph. In an installation of print, projection and screen, the artist presents a nine mile journey to the pool, undertaken in sub-zero conditions. The static fuzz generated from audio-data recordings of the harsh winds, acts as a peripheral to the CRT-encased film. The title, translating to of motion, is an echo of the idea that the existence of specific matter may not need evidential investigation, as all of reality is emotional, conceptual, and perceptual. 

Installation of Video, Projection and Print (2020)

Installed at BACKLIT Gallery, Nottingham.

DE MOTU Install 1.JPG
DE MOTU Install 2.JPG
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