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Installation of 6m print and 9 x video monitors on scaffold stands (2019)



Pursuit is a print and video installation consisting of a 6 metre long print and 9 Trinitron display monitors arranged on stands on the floor space directly in front. The monitors act as a container for the investigative work carried out, which is emitted in moving images. These are arranged as differing heights across the horizon line, to correspond with sound waves and research undertaken above and below the water. None of these films are feature length or containing any text or flashing images – they were produced to be fluid, moving images to reflect the calming atmosphere of being by the Loch, whilst presenting research such as sonar data in graph form, and the underwater hydrophone wave-levels.


The scale of the image and the angle it is displayed at allows the audience to view it from afar and walk up to investigate it, as if they are in pursuit of an answer.

"In a recent pursuit, I undertook an expedition to locate the Loch Ness monster: a potential preternatural sea creature which is undiscovered, theoretically existing amongst a fierce, mountainous landscape. As a lone figure amidst this setting, I used rudimentary sonar and motion detection technology, as well as film cameras, GPS mapping and my own emotive premonitions to prove its actuality. The data collected is derived from sources which are initially unseen, such as sounds deep underwater or snapshots of movement in the absence of daylight. The work then displays these findings as factual but aesthetic material. Authenticity was of upmost importance as I did not wish to crossover into fantasy - it was important that everything remained in reality as a document of my experience." 

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