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Seeking (2023)

Formed during a week-long residency in a caravan in rural Mablethorpe and Trusthorpe, work was generated after a series of workshops and exploration with 5 other members of the UK New Artist collective. 

Using 10 x Mini LCD TVs tuned into an analogue channel via UHF, I was able to transmit and broadcast recorded performance and video work created collectively during the week period, and exhibit this within the natural landscape along the coast. This rudimentary way of showing felt engrained into the rural, caravan culture we had experienced during the residency. It also allowed the audience to seek out the best picture, tinker with the antenna and navigate between static fuzz and picture.

This piece was commissioned by UK New Artists and SO Festival.

Collaborative, Performative Installation (2023)

Exhibited at North Sea Observatory as part of the Coast Path opening celebrations, and at SO Festival, Skegness (June 2023)


TV Installation and transmitted video 


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