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Walking With Aliens


The 1999 BBC documentary series Walking With Dinosaurs was produced in response to proven archaeological evidence of the existence of prehistoric creatures that once roamed the Earth. The series uses CGI to portray how they may have lived, with orchestral music and dramatic narratives. Today, we have access to thousands of images and recording of UFO sightings and first person accounts of alien experiences, yet we do not yet know extra-terrestrials beings to be ‘real’. The installation explores how the future film Walking With Aliens could be constructed, 20 years after its predecessor, with moving images from a selection of documentary VHS tapes. The viewer is invited to observe the scattered sources of footage and use the analogue AV sliders to fluctuate between two channels of audio: the first a cinematic soundtrack, and the second a series of verbal accounts of UFO experiences. By selecting a genre for the footage, the participator makes the decision whether to believe the sightings in a documentary format or treat them as cinematic science-fiction. 


Installation of TV units, live feed cameras and interactive sound/vision mixer (2019)

Installed at Frequency Festival 2019 in a vacant shop unit.

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