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Sony Video 8 Pro AF Camcorder

Sony Video 8 Pro Camcorder

used for:

various video blogs and indoor filming 

(battery life useless)

Panasonic full size VHS camcorder

gifted to me in 2015

my first experimental camcorder

used for various short films

sony trinitron 9" CRT display monitors


used for:

pursuit (2019)

the ventress test (2019-20)

Sony Trinitron Video8 Combi

used to playback and in the installation of extraterrestrial (2017)

Sony Family Studio Sketch Titler

bought broken and repaired, I use this to draw and edit directly onto VHS tape

used in a workshop for

no jobs in the arts

PXL 2000 Camcorder

gifted to me broken, in the process of being repaired

a selection of used and blank VHS tapes

and some UFO documentary films

Samsung 8mm Handycam

used to film extraterrestrial (2017) and other outdoor video works

also used as a live feed in 

does the moon exist when I can't see it


olympus mju ii 35mm point and shoot camera

used for most of my photo work

things currently on my studio shelf

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